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Geert Clarisse, drawings from Moskus @ Kraakpand in Gent, Belgium

Geert Clarisse, drawings from Moskus @ Kraakpand in Gent, Belgium


This october we visited Handelsbeurs, in a concert series called Kraakpand. Geert Klarisse made these really nice drawings of us while we were playing. Thanks a lot! Some more drawings he’s made can be found here:


Kraakpand TekeningenHandelsbeurs2013-®Caroline De Meyer004

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Merry Christmas!



Since last post we have recorded and mixed our next album, it is called Mestertyven (The master thief), and will be released in january 2014! Looking very much forward to showing it to the world :)

Our first album, Salmesykkel, was named by John Kelman in All About Jazz among other great bands as best New Discoveries of this year.

We have been touring a lot, and had some great times in Guelph and Montreal, Coimbra and Porto, and in Gent! We have added a new video from the event in Gent, called Kraakpand. Hope you like it!



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Moskus in Canada

This week we are in Canada. Two concerts, first one at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal at monday before we travel to Guelph Jazz Festival to play a concert at wednesday, and take part in a workshop at thursday.

Both concerts will be a double bill with Atomic.

We are very excited!

We also spent one afternoon at Manhattan in New York because we lost our transit flight to Canada. We took pictures of the Empire State Building.

Here’s a photo of Niagara Falls which we would love to visit, if we get the time.


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Fun at Finsejazz 2013

Last weekend we did a concert at Finsejazz. Really good atmosphere and a lot of nice people.

We got to try kiting/skisailing. In this video you can check out our drummer Hans Hulbækmo, in many ways a natural talent in kiting…

The music is from an unreleased recording made in Baker Island Studios in Haugesund, september 2011.



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