New gigs coming up

We have now finished booking two tours for this spring, and they have just been announced in our live section.

First tour coming up is mainly on the west coast of Norway. This tour is made possible through “Den Musikalske Stamvegen”, a project be the jazz center of western Norway. We are also doing a concert in Ås which we are really looking forward to. Last Automn we played at Samfundet in Ås, this time we will play at concert house.


The second tour is in april and is arranger by jazz center in the southern Norway. Here we will play a lot of gigs in the small and friendly towns that are in this area.


In may we will also do some concerts at fastivals. Maijazz in Stavanger and Anjazz in Hamar, and we are also going on a trip to Port in Portugal to play a concert there. In addition we will also do a consert at Ståoppjazz in Bergen.


In other words, lots of playing this spring. And in between all this we will also record our second album.