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Moskus – Mestertyven (2014)



Anja Lauvdal: piano
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: double bass
Hans Hulbækmo: drums

HUBROCD2535 | EAN: 7033662025350
HUBROLP3535 | EAN: 7033662035359 (180g LP w/CD – limited to 500 copies)

1. Fjesing 02:10
2. Tandem med Sankt Peter 05:00
3. Yttersvingen 02:08
4. Jag är ett ägg 03:10
5. Rullings 02:57
6. Lille Trille 02:19
7. Fuglene var i ertehumør 04:21
8. Glasblåsern 02:42
9. Leverpostei med bie 03:28
10. Tradisjonskvelern 02:27
11. Gammel-Erik 01:57

“Salmesykkel”, the debut album of the group Moskus, received glowing reviews and was nominated for two Norwegian Grammies. In their eagerly awaited second album, “Mestertyven” (“Master Thief”), the trio, comprising pianist Anja Lauvdal, bassist Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and drummer Hans Hulbækmo, are taking giant steps in a new direction.

The music on «Salmesykkel» had been in the trio’s repertoire long before they went into the studio, but this time they chose an entirely different approach. The venerable Atlantis Grammofon Studio in Stockholm was exchanged for Risør Church, the grand piano for an upright, and well-rehearsed pieces for untried material.

Risør Church is a cruciform wooden church built in 1647 that is used as a concert venue every summer during the Risør Chamber Music Festival. «We set ourselves up in the church with sound technician Audun Strype, without any tunes ready, but with plenty of ideas after several tours and a lot of experimentation at a rehearsal venue.» The fact that the ideas evolved then and there, and that the tunes were created while the “tape was running”, helped to give the album a very special atmosphere. The hours of recorded material were later trimmed down, resulting in an album with a far broader range, greater wealth of ideas, and more madness than the previous one. The sense of melody and playfulness that was apparent on the trio’s debut album is still very much present on their second. The decision to exchange the rich tonal palette of a grand piano for the more everyday sound of an upright might seem radical, but it felt very natural for the band. “The sound of the upright piano feels more intimate and more ordinary, and it has a different tonal palette. A little harder. The sound gives associations to old recordings that we have listened to a lot, made in cafés and restaurants. And last, but not least, we feel more equality as a trio without a grand piano. More like a unit.”

Moskus, on the trio’s new album, are fearless, intuitive and ingenious – a bit like most master thieves.

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Moskus – Salmesykkel (2012)


Anja Lauvdal: piano
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: acoustic bass
Hans Hulbækmo: drums

Releasedate Norway Aug 31 2012

1. Salmesykkel 05:49
2. Kloster 01:04
3. Bibelbeltet 02:50
4. Når det regner på presten dryp det på klokkarn 06:36
5. Farlig norsk hengebru 05:35
6. Dagen derpå og veien tellbaksjatt 04:25
7. Creperie de Marie 02:24
8. Ville Vesten 05:17
9. Snorre Saga 03:14
10. Moskus 03:50

Hubro is proud to present the debut recording of the exceptionally talented young piano trio Moskus. The musical roots of the group are firmly planted in the fertile earth of chamber jazz, but have been nourished by everything from hymns to the films of Ivo Caprino, from the music of Paul and Carla Bley to late-night skiing trips in the mountains, from post-rock to French pancakes and gospel.

Pianist Anja Lauvdal, bass player Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and drummer Hans Hulbækmo are all in their early twenties, and have been part of the creative milieu in the Jazz Department of the Trondheim Conservatory of Music. Anja and Hans have already made a name for themselves as part of the critically acclaimed rock bands Your Headlights are On and The Avalanche/Snøskred. In 2011 Moskus was the first jazz band to
win Grappa Record Company’s annual “Debut Artist Award”.

Moskus combines a personal and mature mode of expression, normally found among much older musicians, with youthful energy and unprejudiced openness. The band has a dynamic presence, alternating effortlessly between uninhibited playfulness and introspective solemnity, between free improvisation and composed material. The three
members of the group function as equals, and they all contribute as composers.

The album “Salmesykkel” (“Hymn Bicycle”, referring to the harmonium/reed organ/ pump organ) was recorded in January 2012 at the legendary Atlantis Grammofon Studio, one of the oldest studios in Stockholm, with technician Micke Herrström.

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