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Great review in the NYC JAZZ RECORD

A lot of things are happening these days. About to finish our release-tour as well as we´re getting a lot of very positive feedback on our brand new record. (We´ll post some reviews of the record later.)

In addition to this we´ve just received a great review in the NYC JAZZ RECORD for our concert at Nattjazz, Bergen, in may. Hope you´ll enjoy he reading as much as we did:

NYC Jazz Record:

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Great review for Moskus’ concert at Nattjazz in Bergen

Both Downbeat and NYC JazzRecord gives excellent feedback to our concert in Korskirken in Bergen. Here’s what they wrote:

Another memorable moment “in church” was a set by the young and free-spirited Moskus, featuring the refreshingly, cooly delicate pianist Anja Lauvdal. In this, we experienced a taste of a next-generation Norwegian free-jazz-injected artistry, sounding good, deep and true, and against the grain of more commercial concepts. There is hope for artful jazz yet.

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